31 August 2010

i used to have a tumblr to post all my thoughts/photos/etc. but i thought it all got a bit.. judgemental, in a way. how you'd lose followers if you posted an opinion on something and it all seemed like this big race to get the most followers. i really dislike things like that. you follow someone because you like what that someone posts, not because you just want another number on your followers list. it's a bit.. shallow. so, i emigrated over here.
so as i've just said, if you do follow me, i'd like it to be because you like what i post. if not, that's cool too :)
this is my boyfriend billy, i do spend alot of time with him i suppose. i went into town today and went round the second hand market. i love rumaging for bargains. ended up buying 3 vintage-y scarfs and a little necklace with a rose and some other detailing on. then i went to meet billy after his first day of college. he was showing me his student card and his new bus pass and all his paperwork and yeah, it's cute. i went down to his later in the afternoon and we made a massive spaghetti bolognaise. we're getting pretty good at the whole cooking thing ;)

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