08 March 2011


just wanted to share with you the things i'm looking forward to for spring.

blouses with ruffles and floaty fabric and soft neurtal colours - this one is in topshop.

wedge heeled ankle boots. acne do some really nice variations on the plain suede wedges, however i can't quite afford acne so i ordered mine from ebay. the open-toe wedges will be nice as well when the weather starts to get warmer.

cut off denim shorts. they're an easy d-i-y, plus you can add your own touch by adding studs or distressing them a little. (plus they go with pretty much everything).

a vintage-looking denim jacket. i bought a levi's from the second hand market (the lighter coloured one in the picture is exactly like mine). they're just nice and easy to throw on over any outfit, i even wore mine over a dress to quite a formal meal.

and raybans, because although it's cold here in england it has been really sunny recently. you can find loads of rayban-style sunglasses in shops, i really like the tortoishell ones or john lennon inspired round frames.

06 March 2011

my latest purchase.

these! i've wanted a pair for a while, just hope i will be able to walk in them when they arrive. i think these, along with a levi denim jacket i bought last weekend will be my staples for spring.

26 February 2011

feeling creative/an obsession with crosses.

i made this t-shirt so it's like the one in urban outfitters. apart from it was £28 cheaper! haha. i think it turned out alright.

also made cut off black shorts and studded the back pocket. just have to be careful with sitting on leather chairs etc, haha.

20 January 2011

tartan, chanel and laddered tights.

i got a little bored this afternoon so i took some 'outfit' photos. just fancied some editing really, plus i haven't done anything like this in a while. i'm feeling sort of trashy-d.i.y, haha. let me know what you think.

chanel t-shirt was a d.i.y i did with fabric pens and a stencil | leather jacket, pimkie 40euros | black mini skirt | suspender belt is from a fancy dress shop in manchester

tartan tights were a gift from my boyfriends parents from scotland.

corset style tights, £10 topshop

old 'wednesday 13' band top that i cut into strips | pearls, chanel | tights.. attacked with scissors.

18 January 2011


i stumbled on this website called 'beautiful disasters'.. basically, it's for accidental photography blunders. i think it's really cool though.. could spend hours looking through. i think alot of it is done with film cameras, but the effects on some photos are really cool.
have a look here, if you're interested.

16 January 2011


this is actually my first post of 2011

how bad am i at posting here haha! even though i come on blogger most days to read other blogs.. i'm useless.
i have to say though, i haven't done much so far this year! i haven't even made any resolutions, because i'm not sure what i want to change about my life right now.
i went to manchester last weekend, took a few maths exams, learned to cook asian style salmon and noodles, and had a haircut! but that is all.
some photos from my new years' with billy & at my aunts house.

21 December 2010

photographing with film.

something i really like doing is experimenting with photographs, editing, shooting, lenses, etc. might sound kinda sad, but, that's just me. my step dad recently gave me his old minolta film slr, i'm thinking of buying some film for it just to see how they come out. only thing is it's like £7 for 36 shots to buy and get developed.. doesn't seem worth it when i have perfectly good digital cameras haha.

my boyfriend has also bought me a diana camera for christmas, you can find similar ones in urban outfitters. i can't wait to start using it and seeing how things turn out :)

19 December 2010

the pretty reckless, 14th december.

i might have mentioned that i was going to see the pretty reckless.. haha. it was a really nice night. i was all panic-y because i didn't want to miss the bus/train and then there was a wait for the train so we ended up buying really overpriced chocolate because we couldn't be bothered to walk to the newsagents..
then we got into manchester, we were reslly hyper (me and my boyfriend by the way), we went to get a maccy d's and i bolted down some laaaarge chips then walked to the academy and there were so many taylor momsen look a likes.. scary. i don't understand why you'd try to copy someone completely. yeah, like her style and stuff, but don't try to be her.
aaaaaanyway.. we got really near to the front, and when she came on we managed to get even nearer with everyone pushing. it was weird though, nobody was dancing or moving as such.. just stood. i guess they were sort of in awe. she looked so good though, every song was good. they did a few audioslave/oasis covers along with an accousic set and then finished with 'make me wanna die', i went mad but nobody else seemed to be moving around me... awkward.
so yeah, really nice, thanks to my boyfriend for getting me the tickets (it sold out twice so we had to be quick). lovely.
these photos are all taken by me.

12 December 2010

everything you could ever want to know. and probably a bit more.

Band: the pretty reckless and pendulum at the moment, it varies though.
Singer: lady gaga, she has talent.
Song: i can't choose just one song.. but i've always loved imogen heap - hide and seek.
Movie: i'm not a big fan of movies.
TV Show: skins or hollyoaks.
Cartoon: minnie mouse.
Celebrity: i like fearn cotton.
Youtuber: amazing phil, purely for the fact i saw him in hardrock cafe!
Do you like…..

Sushi: yes.
Vegemite: yes.
Oysters: never tried them to be truthful.
Snails: same as above, except i wouldn't like to try them haha.
Frog’s legs: most likely not.
Chicken’s feet: i'll guess i wouldn't.
Calimari: no.
Coca Cola: yes, if i'm in the right mood.
Baby food: some of it's okay, i like the biscuits for young children.
Dry Weet-Bix: i don't mind it.

Do you..

Have braces: not anymore, i got them off in october.
Wear glasses: only sunglasses.
Take dancing lessons: no.
Have any allergies: oranges, and certain things you get in injections.

Are you…

A nerd: i wouldn't say so.
A goth: no, but i like dark eyes.
An emo: not really, but i like some aspects of the style.
Popular: not at all, i have a few friends and that's all that matters to me.
Sporty: not in the football/netball way, but i like yoga.
Vegetarian: i've been vegetarian for 5 years.
Can you…

Play a musical instrument: electric/accoustic guitar, a little piano.
Surf: no.
Skateboard: i used to be able to when i was younger, but i gave my skateboard to the charity shop last year.
Ride a bike: again, i used to be able to when i was younger, but not anymore.
Knit: no. i'd love to be able to knit.
Cook: i like cooking, me and billy make the nicest spag bols :)
Draw: not very well, but i try.
Do the splits: no.

Have you ever….

Ridden a horse: yep, a shetland pony called rupert.
Accidentally jumped off a trampoline: not accidently, no.
Bungee jumped: no.
SCUBA dived: no.
Seen a shark in the wild: no, thankfully.
Seen a stingray in the wild: not in the wild, but i saw one in the deep.
 bitten by a spider: no.
broken a bone: no.
Been in a car accident: wouldn't call it an accident.
Been to the USA: no.
Been to Europe: germany/ireland haha.
Been to Australia: no.
Stayed awake for 24 hours: i don't think i have.
Gone out with anyone: yes. i love going on dates that make you feel like you're in a movie.

Do you have…

Facebook: yes (aymee theresa)
MySpace: yes, i don't go on it anymore though.
Siblings: i have a half sister who i adore, yes.