19 December 2010

the pretty reckless, 14th december.

i might have mentioned that i was going to see the pretty reckless.. haha. it was a really nice night. i was all panic-y because i didn't want to miss the bus/train and then there was a wait for the train so we ended up buying really overpriced chocolate because we couldn't be bothered to walk to the newsagents..
then we got into manchester, we were reslly hyper (me and my boyfriend by the way), we went to get a maccy d's and i bolted down some laaaarge chips then walked to the academy and there were so many taylor momsen look a likes.. scary. i don't understand why you'd try to copy someone completely. yeah, like her style and stuff, but don't try to be her.
aaaaaanyway.. we got really near to the front, and when she came on we managed to get even nearer with everyone pushing. it was weird though, nobody was dancing or moving as such.. just stood. i guess they were sort of in awe. she looked so good though, every song was good. they did a few audioslave/oasis covers along with an accousic set and then finished with 'make me wanna die', i went mad but nobody else seemed to be moving around me... awkward.
so yeah, really nice, thanks to my boyfriend for getting me the tickets (it sold out twice so we had to be quick). lovely.
these photos are all taken by me.

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