12 December 2010

everything you could ever want to know. and probably a bit more.

Band: the pretty reckless and pendulum at the moment, it varies though.
Singer: lady gaga, she has talent.
Song: i can't choose just one song.. but i've always loved imogen heap - hide and seek.
Movie: i'm not a big fan of movies.
TV Show: skins or hollyoaks.
Cartoon: minnie mouse.
Celebrity: i like fearn cotton.
Youtuber: amazing phil, purely for the fact i saw him in hardrock cafe!
Do you like…..

Sushi: yes.
Vegemite: yes.
Oysters: never tried them to be truthful.
Snails: same as above, except i wouldn't like to try them haha.
Frog’s legs: most likely not.
Chicken’s feet: i'll guess i wouldn't.
Calimari: no.
Coca Cola: yes, if i'm in the right mood.
Baby food: some of it's okay, i like the biscuits for young children.
Dry Weet-Bix: i don't mind it.

Do you..

Have braces: not anymore, i got them off in october.
Wear glasses: only sunglasses.
Take dancing lessons: no.
Have any allergies: oranges, and certain things you get in injections.

Are you…

A nerd: i wouldn't say so.
A goth: no, but i like dark eyes.
An emo: not really, but i like some aspects of the style.
Popular: not at all, i have a few friends and that's all that matters to me.
Sporty: not in the football/netball way, but i like yoga.
Vegetarian: i've been vegetarian for 5 years.
Can you…

Play a musical instrument: electric/accoustic guitar, a little piano.
Surf: no.
Skateboard: i used to be able to when i was younger, but i gave my skateboard to the charity shop last year.
Ride a bike: again, i used to be able to when i was younger, but not anymore.
Knit: no. i'd love to be able to knit.
Cook: i like cooking, me and billy make the nicest spag bols :)
Draw: not very well, but i try.
Do the splits: no.

Have you ever….

Ridden a horse: yep, a shetland pony called rupert.
Accidentally jumped off a trampoline: not accidently, no.
Bungee jumped: no.
SCUBA dived: no.
Seen a shark in the wild: no, thankfully.
Seen a stingray in the wild: not in the wild, but i saw one in the deep.
 bitten by a spider: no.
broken a bone: no.
Been in a car accident: wouldn't call it an accident.
Been to the USA: no.
Been to Europe: germany/ireland haha.
Been to Australia: no.
Stayed awake for 24 hours: i don't think i have.
Gone out with anyone: yes. i love going on dates that make you feel like you're in a movie.

Do you have…

Facebook: yes (aymee theresa)
MySpace: yes, i don't go on it anymore though.
Siblings: i have a half sister who i adore, yes.

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