12 September 2010

freedom festival!

so yesterday me and billy took ourselfs off to hull for the freedom festival. on the viking stage diana vickers, mcfly, roll deep, the wanted & the saturdays were playing, to name a few. there were some other acts like some dancers off britains got talent & others of the like. i'd not even walked into the center of hull though when i ran into my friend jenny who i met at a unicorn kid gig. we all walked to the marina to the viking stage, but there were barriers up everywhere so we couldn't even get in to where the main stage was. we just decided to find somewhere to sit and just chill and listen to the music for a bit.

later on we went to queens gardens to where all the smaller things were going on, saw a few random bands and then foals were headlining. i was so tired by this point because they took ages to come on but me and billy still danced alot anyway. we got to the 2nd row as well somehow. they were really good though, foals aren't really the type of music i usually listen to but they did play well.

that night we stayed over at my cousins. conviniently i have quite alot of family living in hull. i felt quite ill in the middle of the night though, think it was because i'd just been eating junk food all day. and billy was full up with cold, bless him. wee got up fairly early in the morning and went to morrisons across the road for breakfast cos we fancied a fry up, billy had the 'big breakfast' and i had the meat-free version, was really nice and think it was what we needed before the journey back up home.
my new hush puppies killed my feet and i was far too over-dressed, but i don't care.

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