17 September 2010


i haven't been feeling too brilliant recently, i thought it was just my body getting used to different tablets but according to my doctor the syptoms i've been having shouldn't be that severe. i took the day off school yesterday and i went in for this morning but came home again because i was going to be sick. horrible.
anyways! i haven't really got a great amount of interesting things happening. i'm thinking of trying to get into town tomorrow though, depending on how i feel. i'm keeping an eye out for a vintage corset for a party i'm going to in october (a party that's 2 days before my german speaking exam.. hm). we'll see though. on sunday billy's taking me to a barbeque at his grandparents, which should be nice. i'm looking forward to meeting more of his family :)

i like these two.

that's my new camera by the way! it's really nice, so many functions on it.. gives me an incentive to try and get better at my photo taking skills though.

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