14 September 2010


i feel quite.. snowed under if you know what i mean. i know it's not winter yet but the tempretures feel like it. i'm not going to complain though - i prefer the cooler weather to when it's unbearably hot. it's just the rain that really gets on my nerves. i guess it's just school though, it makes my days so miserable. i have a german speaking exam coming up soon which i want to do really well in and it just stresses me out because i feel like i can't do it and then i get really upset with myself. then there's art, where i just lack inspiration/motivation/creativity. i want to do something really original that'll get me a good grade but my head isn't in the right place for it. some lessons i just turn off completely, science and psychology mainly because i have no interest for them at all. i'm tired, i wish i could just hibernate in my caravan for a while.

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