07 September 2010

laptop :'(

not been on here in quite a while. bit of a disaster really - my laptop broke. like, completely, beyond fixing broke. and now i have to save up and get a cheapy one. for now though i have a big computer in my room which is alright. it's a bit slow though, but it's cool. better than nothing.
it was also my birthday yesterday :D i'm 16 now. just a shame that i had to spend the majority of the day in school though. when i got back i opened a few presents and i've got a new dslr camera. the sony a330, it's really nice. so many functions on it, i can't wait to learn what everything does. i also got my hush puppy autumn boots but i already knew about them because we bought them in germany. aaand i got lots of chocolate & a bit of money (which has gone in my new laptop fund), a horizontal striped blazer from topshop, some military trousers from next & a mickey mouse mug. i went out for a meal with billy and then came back to my house and watched big brothers come dine with me in my caravan with a cuppa. i really enjoyed it though! i know it was only something simple, but it was still lovely.

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