26 September 2010


some photos i took out my window. just messing around really but i liked them.

my new mickey mug! billy bought it me for my birthday, it's cute and i love it.

he also bought me this camera necklace from topman in the week. i told him to save his money instead, but it was still nice of him to get it me and i've worn it everyday.

and i've dug out my knitwear now it's getting colder! i like the dark green cardigan best, it's quite military, but i can't find much to go with it. the cream jumper is a hand-me-down from my mum, i borrowed it from her last autumn and this year she's just decided to give it me, haha.

i bought some fluff yesterday too, if you've never had any keep a look out for it - it's the yummiest thing ever. it's marshmallow but in a spread form, you can put it on bread or biscuits or just have it on it's own. going to give the raspberry one to my friend milly because it's her birthday soon.

and this is just me being grumpy, haha. notice the fisheye lens too! my step dad bought me a new one for my dslr camera now, i love the fisheye effect.
next weekend i'll get my money, and i'm going to head down to the market to look for a lepoard print coat, i really want one. i have also fallen in love with mark ronson, but don't tell billy :)

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