26 October 2010


have you ever bought something, been really pleased with it then got home and realised it's not actually what you wanted? i did this today.

so i bought this fur coat on the market this morning, i've been looking for a nice one for a while however i didn't want it to be real genuine fur from an animal.. the woman on the stall let me try this one on after i explained that i just wanted a faux fur jacket and she told me that this was faux fur.. so i believed her. however i got it home and had a look in the label only to realise it's 'real coney fur', which is fur from rabbits. i felt so bad, but it was only accidental.. i would not have bought it if i knew it were real. i spent quite a bit of money on it as well.. so i came around to thinking that, the rabbits that were killed were being killed for their meat, they're not wild and they're bred purely for meat. their fur is just a by-product, and it'd probably be better used in something like this than thrown away.. wouldn't it? i'm still unsure on how i feel about wearing it though.
what are everyone elses opinions on this?

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