31 October 2010

things will get better.

so it's nearly the end of the holidays and i'm feeling most unproductive. i have two big exams coming up in just over a week and i have barely done any preparation, i've missed all the good halloween events due to being ill and i have no money left at all. sigh.
however today i had a big urge just to get out of the house, as i'd been at home for a whole two days. yesterday billy came up to look after me, we spent the evening painting a canvas for my room with the things each other likes. it looks messy, but i like it. and today we went up to the res, it was all foggy and when i stood on the wall all i could see was white.. quite surreal. i love the photos we took though, only thing is i won't be able to upload them until wednesday as I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP. finally. it's pretty much the same as my old one that i broke. just, you have no idea how good it feels to be using a machine that's up to speed and doesn't restart itself randomly. so, i guess things are okay. i'm feeling a bit better, just got a horrible cold & cough to get rid of now, ugh.

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