17 October 2010

this is an article i wrote for some exam practice, thought i could share it.

whether or not you choose to follow fashions very much depends on you - your own personal style, taste, what suits you/what doesn't and possibly even how much money you're willing to spend - not everyone can afford this seasons arm candy by chanel.

some people choose to wear whatever's cheapest, and this is made possible by shops such as primark. if you have the time and you're willing to scour, charity shops offer a wide range of brands, one-offs and possibly designer for a fraction of the price it would've been first hand.

others however, want things that are warm and practical, which is fair enough, but with hiking boots and sheepskin aviator jackets making an appearance on the high street, there's no excuse for not being stylish and practical anymore.

some others choose to look like they've just stepped off the catwalk or out a high street shop. most shops on the high street have a great variety of styles, trends, colours and sizes allowing them to do so. recently, more people have been opting for vintage clothing as well, searching out 50's cardigans or an old leather satchel. high street brands have caught onto this vintage trend, too. topshop, river island, new look and others of the like all stock their own vintage-inspired lines; patterns, jumpers, distressed leather bags and styles varying from 40's to 80's. with high street shops stocking everything from catwalk to vintage, there's bound to be something to aquire to everyones tastes.
some people have to be seen in the latest trends - whatever the costs. which raises the question, is fashion worth it? the clothing and footwear industry is estimated to be worth around 50 billion, so obviously it must be important to some people.. but what types of people would buy into this industry? students? parents? big-label designers? celebrities?
in my opinion, fashion revolves around confidence - do you wear the clothes or are they wearing you? fashion isn't just a few size zeroes prancing down a catwalk, it's everyday. from deciding what to wear in a morning to deciding whether you like the colour, cut and style when shopping. it's how people see you, what you choose to wear gives off a first impression to strangers. i also believe that fashion matures as you do, it's always a part of you, always poking its nose into your everyday life. it's not just for the rich, the skinny or the famous - everyone has clothing in their wardrobe that they like, fit nicely and make them feel good. that's what i believe fashion is really about.

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