12 October 2010


these are some photos frommy weekend. i am aware it's nearly wednesday.. but i've had no computer up to now. none of these have been edited either, as i've lost all my editing programmes. sigh.

on sunday me & billy baked a chocolate cake, it seems sad but i love doing things like this together. nice.
how cool are we.. we made separate muffins for the ears.
billy being all sleepy next to the 'french vanilla'candle. it makes his room smell lovely.
and these are my purchases from today! i got a new black skirt, it's a denim material with lace down the sides. along with new make up, dry shampoo, haribos and a magazine which came with a clinique lip gloss, it's nice. the nail polish is a shade of grey.. i heard that barry m did a grey nail polish, but when i was looking i couldn't find it! so i got one by '17'. it's a bit too dark for what i was wanting.. nevermind, it's still nice and i'm still going to wear it.

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